Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

bump shot
Big ol’ belly photo, taken last night. ©Motherhood & Everything Else

So I haven’t really done these weekly things as a rule throughout this pregnancy. Mostly because of the pretense under which I started my anonymous blog—protecting my friends was important to me. Of course, this is a new blog. This is an everything blog. So I suppose for the next nine or so weeks, I will give little updates as I expect there will be a lot happening from here on out!

I won’t do those survey things, though. I find them repetitive. And a little silly. I’ll just free-ball it. More fun that way. This one will probably be long because I haven’t updated anybody here on WordPress in almost a month.

So today, I’m 31 weeks pregnant. Yippee!

Movement Worries

This kid loves to make me nervous every once in a while. I think he was doing fetus yoga or something over the weekend because all I was feeling were punches down below! None of his traditional kicks to my upper belly, sides, and bellybutton area. No, he was punching me low. In all my organs. Softly. It was a pattern change, for a few days. And I just couldn’t understand how he was not kicking me!

So, fetus yoga. I’ve seen it on ultrasounds before! And I think that’s what he was doing. Because as of Tuesday, the regular routine started back up again. And he was incredibly active today. Cue the sighs of relief.

I love the movement. Absolutely love it. It’s funny, I’m starting to get to that point in the pregnancy when I’m uncomfortable (which I’ll get to in a moment). Which makes me occasionally yearn for the day when this boy will be born. However, I’m going to miss feeling him moving around inside my stomach. I mean, really miss it. I spent a good amount of time just wishing to feel this, and now that I’ve felt it for several months, I don’t remember what it was like to not feel it. Almost like I can’t imagine life without feeling a baby wriggling and kicking and punching and bopping about in there.

Getting Uncomfortable!

Sleeping through the night is a thing of the past! If I’m not waking up to pee (my poor squished bladder; I wake up feeling like I’ve drank a liter of water when it’s more like a cup), I’m waking up just to roll over. It’s quite the hilarious production, rolling from my left side to my right or vice versa. With all the pillows, and the positioning, and the adjusting…I honestly don’t know how my husband sleeps through it!

I feel like my back and sciatica pain might be flaring up again, but it’s not as bad as it was in the second trimester. Or I’m just used to it. Either way, no big. I can definitely notice that I carry my body a different way now that my belly is jutting out. Compensating for all that new weight distribution…

And, since it happened (again) on the drive home tonight, Braxton Hicks contractions galore! Most especially when I drive home from work—never on the way there, which leads me to believe it’s a combination of the extended time (rush hour) sitting in that position, and maybe tension (again, rush hour). So very uncomfortable. Especially since the best thing to do when you have BH is to change position. Kind of hard to do in the middle of bumper-to-bumper traffic!

Anxiety and Denial

This past weekend, I raced against the clock working on my registries in anticipation of my shower. It’s funny…for the last few months, I’ve used the “too busy to function mentally” excuse to avoid doing anything baby-related. Names, getting his nursery ready, filling the registry with items, and so on. Of course, school ended a week before Christmas and I went to start doing these things—only to be met with a paralyzing fear.

Turns out I was all talk. Whooopsies.

But I got past it. With the help of some of the friends I met on the Twitter community, I got started on adding items to the registries and once I got started, I just got into a flow and kept going. Next thing I knew, I had almost a couple hundred things on them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 9.51.50 PM
BABY CLOTHES. Penguins, Bruins, Batman, Red Sox, Patriots, Army… ©Motherhood & Everything Else

And as far as names go, my husband and I looked through half the letters of the alphabet while sitting in the lab at my doctor’s office last Friday. (Which reminds me, another fun event in the last week: failed my 1-hour gestational diabetes test and had to take the 3-hour one a week later. All is well, though. I passed. Crisis averted!)

And then this weekend, he and I went to Babies’R’Us and finally decided on a theme for the nursery! (And then we bought clothes on clearance to add to the growing collection we already had…oops.) It’s not even anything close to what I had envisioned, but we both love it. We just do. So why question it? Now we just have to get to boogying…the wallpaper needs to be stripped, we need to decide on a color for the wall, and then paint. Hopefully it’s ready around the time I have my shower so that I can start getting things set up in there. I feel like I have no time!

So…I’m getting there. Slowly but surely, I’m starting to get ready. I’m starting to get excited. I’m starting to accept that maybe there’ll actually be a baby at the end of all this. It’s scary, terrifying really, but it’s nice, too. It’s a part of me I’ve been protecting for a long time. Feels good to be letting down those walls. Like fresh air.

Baby Classes—One Down, Two to Go

My husband and I also had our first baby-related class this past weekend: Infant Care and Safety Combo Course. It combined two classes into one: how to care for an infant (bathing, burping, changing, feeding, dangers, and so on) and what to do in an emergency (warning signs to look out for, how to help a choking infant, infant/child/adult CPR, and so on). It was a lot of information for one day, but I took pretty diligent notes on my iPad—hooray, technology!

Now, I feel baby classes are met with a mix of feelings. You either talk to the people who say you have to take them or you won’t know up from down…or you talk to the people who say they’re total bullshit and a waste of money and you’ll figure it out anyway. I’ve been met with both types. I’ve spoken to people who have said they didn’t know half the stuff they learned in the class and they are so glad they went. I’ve also spoken to people who tell me “you learn with your first” or “you can’t predict everything,” or even more crude comments like “babies bounce.” I hate that one!

And, okay. I get it. You really can’t predict everything. And yes, obviously your first child is a learning experience (if you’re lucky enough to have more than one). But, see, I know all of this already. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be as prepared as I possibly can.

My husband and I are so glad we went. My cousin, who will be the primary secondary caretaker of our son once I return to work after my maternity leave, even attended it with us. I feel the choking/CPR stuff is invaluable. The last time I learned this, I was around twelve or thirteen years old. Even though I question my ability to keep my calm well enough to put what I’ve learned into action, at least I’ve learned it. At least my husband has learned it. And my cousin has learned it, too. I can leave her with him knowing—god forbid—if he chokes on something, she knows what to do.

The whole SIDS thing is a huge fear for me, as well. There was so very little I knew about prevention outside of what I consider the obvious: no pillows, no stuffed animals, for a certain amount of time. But there were many more things to consider. Bumpers are a danger (yes, even the mesh ones, because you need to consider the ties). Blankets are a danger. The fitted sheets used to be a danger because they were only elasticized in four corners—now they are elasticized all the way around to ensure a tight fit. If your crib is near a window, the curtains are a danger. You can’t even swaddle an infant—no matter how snugly—and stick them in a crib, because he might wriggle loose and cover his face by accident. The plainer your crib, the better. Good to know.

And there were even some things that I knew, and others I didn’t think of but seemed kind of duh anyways. Like not to underestimate the ability of your baby to roll over, move, or whatever off the changing table—no matter how small. “One hand always touching” is the rule. If you can’t get what you need without holding that baby down, pick him up and bring him with you. The woman also reminded us that babies climb. Bolting furniture to the wall or weighting it down onto the floor isn’t necessarily a bad idea! She suggested we crawl around our house and see what we could reach. Making sure medications and chemicals are out of baby’s reach. Making sure your bathroom can either be unlocked from the outside or you have a key. Make sure you have a hide-a-key somewhere outside your house to your front door! These are all things that, when you think about it, you kind of think, “Well yeah. Obviously. I knew that.” But when you look at the big picture, the little things get missed. I’m sure there are a lot of good parents out there who had a child in the ER because they forgot that one chemical on that one shelf in that one room they didn’t think to check.

So, screw the haters! Just kidding. We are glad we went, though! Especially with the chaos we had going on leading up to this baby’s arrival—with me starting a new job and finishing up school, and both of us buying and moving into the house—it’s going to be hard to make sure we’ve baby-proofed enough before he starts crawling. Having a handy list will be incredibly helpful.

Upcoming Appointment: Friday w/CNM

Something exciting worth noting: I am now having OB/CNM appointments every other week! Yeesh. Just another sign that everything is starting to get very, very real.

I don’t expect tomorrow’s appointment to be very eventful. Then again, I’ve never experienced this before—so what do I know. Hopefully my BP is still good, as I’m on pre-eclampsia watch due to my hypothyroidism. But should everything check out okay, I’ll be in and out no problem. I do have some things to discuss regarding PPD, postpartum birth control, and trying again, but I feel those are probably better suited for the OB. I’ll see her in another two weeks.

So I guess we will see what tomorrow and the next week brings!


7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

  1. I am 100% supportive of all classes ever, but I also have used “babies bounce” with everyone I know, including the husband, and I’LL NEVER STOP!! 😀 But yeah, I’ve cared for countless newborns so I’m a bit relaxed, and I still plan on renewing my infant CPR cert. Babies may bounce, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t avoid dropping them!


    1. Half the words that come out of your mouth are crude, so I would expect no less. 😉 Heathen!!!

      Man I am so jealous of your experience. I think I will have it handled well enough but I have nothing to reflect back onto. Yikes-y yikes. And yes, let us avoid dropping our babies? 🙂 ❤


    1. Thanks, hun. 🙂 Don’t worry, I just looked fat for the longest time because I had tummy pudge before I was pregnant! Of course now I feel like I’m at that point in the pregnancy where I feel HUGE. 😛


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