Snowpocalypse 2015

As I’m sure most or all of you know, a “blizzard” hit the New England area this week. The Boston area was hit pretty hard. I’ve been out of work for two days—so not complaining!—including today, so I’ve been catching up on things after a pretty eventful week. That includes blogging!

I’ve neglected the Blogging 101 Challenge, and I am also aware that I missed my 33w pregnant update. I had almost all of it written by Thursday and just lost track of time after that. Then the storm happened…blah, blah, excuses, excuses.

I’ll be playing catch-up with the challenge, and I will have a double pregnancy update to publish tomorrow to catch you all up on everything that’s happened in the last two weeks! For now, I give you these photos I took yesterday as my husband and I finally ventured outside to see what was happening out there…

photo 10
Six-foot drifts on our wrap-around porch.


photo 9
Pool deck covered in snow.


photo 7
16 inches at the lowest point of the drift in our backyard!


photo 6
Backyard shot…


photo 5
Another backyard shot.


photo 4
The driveway, after an hour of my husband shoveling and me pushing a teeny snowblower.


photo 3
Still so much farther to go…3 or 4 foot drift and still another 5 feet or so left to the street!


Packing up…


photo 8
Turns out that at nearly 34 weeks pregnant, I don’t fit into any of my winter outerwear. Like, any of it. My winter jacket, any pants that would keep me dry…nada. Thankfully, my husband had oversized, outdated army cold weather gear that I could button up over my bulging belly.


photo 2
Our treat after spending all that time outside trying to clear the driveway!


Nom nom nom…


10 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse 2015

  1. Wow! Good luck with the weather out there! I’m here in IA and it isn’t that bad at all. At least you can catch up on other things, which is fun!


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