Returning From an Unintentional, Then Intentional, Blogging Hiatus

*taps microphone* Um…hello?

Is this thing on?


So I had a baby, and dropped off the face of the earth. It happened. I’m sorry. Really, truly, I am. It was unintentional…at first. Those first few weeks postpartum…whew, they were a doozy. I’ll get into that later. (I’ll happily report now, though, that I escaped PPD. Happily. Thankfully.) And then we started to kind of settle into a routine. And then my husband went back to work after a month, and everything was upside-down again. And I still felt guilty about not blogging.

Because, honestly…how could you feel guilty about taking your attention away from this face?! (Taken at 11 weeks.) ©Motherhood & Everything Else

…but then, I didn’t anymore. I decided, somewhere along the line, that those first three months with my child (before I returned to work, which was almost a month ago, and if I talk about it any more right now I will cry) needed to be about him. So I pulled away from the internets. Even with Facebook, my interactions were sparse. Twitter, not as much, but I was definitely not as active. Instagram, well that’s another story. If you follow me, you know I post a photograph of my son once a day, sometimes more. It’s addicting. I have so many photos of him on my phone, and I’m glad, because he is changing every day. It’s amazing and upsetting all at once.

Of course, now I’m back at work (ugh I want to cry) and things are upside-down again. The days of taking my time doing what little I was able to get done are gone. Now I wake up a few hours before work, feed my baby, pump (more on that later, as well), get myself and the baby ready for the day (that includes bottles and possibly the diaper bag), and head out for work only to return nine to ten hours later to get to play with him a little, put him down for a short nap, pump, feed him, put him down for his pre-bedtime nap, wash bottles and prepare for the following day, pump, maybe eat dinner, feed my baby his last bottle, put him down for bed, pump, and go to bed myself. Hopefully before midnight.

I ask you, why did I think it was going to be easy to blog and be a mom? Foolishness, I say!

But, I’m back. I swear. I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things. The little man is sleeping (we had an exciting evening—tornado warning in New England! *sigh*) so I took this opportunity to tend to this musty, dusty, lazy blog. Soooooo keep an eye out for several posts on the horizon, with one or two this week…

  1. The long-awaited birth story! (I really am sorry for taking sooooooo long on this. Yeesh.) Expect it to be a two-parter, with the first part being the most important as it will include the actual birth. The second part will be mostly recovery through going home.
  2. Remember ipsy? I got my first Glam Bag in January…and have received five more since then! I haven’t even posted the review for January’s…so expect that very soon, along with a sneak peek of February’s!
  3. A post about breastfeeding, and pumping!
  4. Maybe a post about my hospital bag? What I brought, what I actually needed, and what I didn’t have?
  5. A sentimental post I wrote at 37 weeks pregnant about running into my RE…


Tomorrow morning, I’ll publish the first half of the birth story, since I need to finish tidying it up (the writer in me, ugh). I hope I still have followers on here…and I hope I still have things to write about that will interest you. 🙂 ❤

“Mom…who are these people looking at me??” Taken at 14 weeks. ©Motherhood & Everything Else.

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