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ipsy January 2015 Glam Bag: Review

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{2/23/2015: Yikes! I meant to post this so much sooner, but I guess I just don’t have the motivation to wear makeup as often, being the big and bloated due-any-time-now pregnant lady that I am! (I think this is the part where I question what I was thinking, deciding to do ipsy at the end of my pregnancy/beginning of motherhood, when I’ll have the least time and put in the least effort. Whoops.)
Anyway…when I received my February 2015 Glam Bag in the mail last week, I figured I have no other choice but to hurry up and finish testing the products from last month’s. So, without further adieu, I give you my first ipsy review!}

ipsy January 2015 Glam Bag

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Product: Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm, .20oz tube
Retail Value: $19.99 for a .35oz tube (Amazon)
First Impression: The first thing I noticed about this lip balm was the ingredients list! The website claims it is color- and paraben-free, but there seem to be a lot of chemicals in it. The first time I tried it on, the night I received the Glam Bag, I liked how refreshing it felt on my lips. It wasn’t sticky, it felt like it was moisturizing, and there was a very slight but not overpowering hint of mojito—mint, or lime, or something like that. As I said, very subtle, which is good for me.
Overall Impression: So it’s about $20 per tube (and it’s a small tube…like any other chapstick/lip balm). It seems to work pretty well, especially when I wore it overnight, and the lack of an overpowering scent/taste is a big plus. But overall, I feel like it would be too expensive for me to purchase on my own.
Review: ★★☆☆☆

Would I Buy It? Probably not.

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Product: Pacifica Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow, Treasure, .08oz palette
Retail Value: $32.00, Solar Complete Color Mineral Palette (Pacific Beauty)
First Impression: The first thing I noticed about this before trying it on was that it was very organic—natural ingredients; 100% vegan; gluten- and cruelty-free; void of phthalates, parabens, and sulfates…the list goes on. Of course, seeing and researching all of this made me think one thing—expensive. Sure enough, I went on Pacific’s website and saw that I was not wrong.
Overall Impression: I love this eye shadow! The first time I used it was before I visited a friend and her 5-month-old baby. Putting it on was quick and easy (might have had to do with what I used to put it on, but read on for more on that). The color is vibrant, sparkly, and a tan-gold color that goes with every bit of clothing in the natural color family I have. I was at my friend’s house for about seven hours, and when I got home, the eye shadow was still in place. It still looked vibrant, it didn’t look creased or clumped from opening and closing my eyes…it still looked good! It looked so good, and I was so pleased with it, in fact, that I wore this product to my baby shower! I have since worn it several more times and haven’t been displeased once.
Review: ★★★★★

Would I Buy It? I was going to say no…but a coworker friend of mine pointed out that Target sells this brand! I think this could end up being a go-to for makeup in the future…I’ll have to test more. 🙂

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Product: Nourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream, .5oz tube
Retail Value: $19.99, Renewing & Cooling Eye Treatment, .5oz (Nourish Organics)
First Impression: Well for one…natural ingredients (in fact, USDA organic!), made with avocado and argan. I was surprised to find that this exact size tube is $20 direct from the company (I couldn’t find it on Amazon). Holy moly.
Overall Impression: My review for this is going to be super, super poor and probably not helpful. First of all, it’s a tiny tube. I would have to probably put it on for weeks to see significant change. Second, I can barely remember to put belly butter on my bump at night, let alone put eye cream on every night. And third, I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy! Closing in on the end! A good night’s sleep hasn’t existed for over a month, and won’t exist for months more to come once the baby is here. I don’t think any eye cream on this earth could fix the bags under my eyes. Overall, my feelings on this are as follows: love that it’s organic, hate (but understand why) that it’s expensive, wish I had more time and product to test it out. I will use this entire tube, ideally one day after another to see the results best.
Review: ★★☆☆☆

Would I Buy It? As of right now? No, but that’s mostly due to the expense and the fact that I have never been an eye cream type of person…but I’ll keep this brand in mind if I ever change!

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Product: bellápierre Cosmetics Shimmer Powder, Excite, .08oz
Retail Value: $14.99, (Amazon and bellápierre)
First Impression: First thing that popped into my head? “What the hell is it?” It looked like eye shadow, but the tiny label on the back only said shimmer powder. So I went onto bellápierre’s website to find out…and this is what I found!
CaptureEvidently, it can be used for anything! But since I am still quite the shy and novice makeup-wearer, the only real way I thought I was going to try out this product was as eye shadow (this color didn’t make sense to use as bronzer or blush, it’s too bold for me for lip color, I have nail polish in this color already, I’m very basic with my eyeliner, and tinted mascara just sounds complicated). I ended up using it as kind of a body glitter for a wedding since I was a bridesmaid!
Overall Impression: Interesting. But expensive! Multipurpose…but not sure that’s worth the price.
Review: ★★★☆☆
Would I Buy It? Probably…not.

©Motherhood & Everything Else

Product: Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush
Retail Value: $13.00 (Amazon)
First Impression: It’s pink…it’s soft, very soft, actually…and it’s a $13 brush. Whoa! Having seen multipacks for makeup brushes in places like CVS and Target for half this much, the price seemed a bit much.
Overall Impression: Despite being turned off by the price, I was really pleased with how well it applies eye shadow. This is the brush that I used with the Pacifica eye shadow above, and the pair worked so well together. I’m not sure how much one is influencing the review of the other! The brush is so very soft, and not too thick in width for applying the shadow. In general, I usually work with whatever brush comes with the makeup I use or a randomly selected brush from a multipack, so I’m not sure how much my opinion matters…but all in all, I like it.
Review: ★★★★☆

Would I Buy It? It’s hard to say. I want to say no, as it does seem expensive, but I find myself wondering how well a proper brush impacts how easily and well makeup is applied…so we will have to see.

ipsy Glam Bag Price: $10.00
ipsy Glam Bag Product Value (including full sizes): $99.97

5 thoughts on “ipsy January 2015 Glam Bag: Review

  1. How have I not seen your reviews before.. This is awesome! I totally need to find out how to get an Ipsy bag! The brush looks amazing, and to me $13 doesn’t sound too bad… But I’ve always bought department store brushes or ones from Sephora. LOVE this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha this is my first one!! I meant to start them at the beginning of the year and then I got wicked busy…something to do with having a baby I guess. 😀 Haha. But I have many more Glam Bags that I’ll be reviewing! So keep an eye out! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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