Parenting Challenge Unlocked

Wondering where my Weight Loss Wednesday post was last week?

Lemme whip out the Boston accent for a second: NAHT HAPPENIN’.

[Warning: Lots of whining ahead. Feel free to skip this post as I half-explain where I’ve been the last week and half-bitch about how crappy I feel and how hard it’s been!]

I woke up a week ago today with a horrible sore throat (which put a big damper on the weekend, as my husband and I started constructing the desk for my home office and hadn’t finished yet). My husband hadn’t felt well the last few days either, so he stayed home from work Sunday night to help me with Joey.

Ugh, my poor little one. ©Motherhood & Everything Else.

Monday morning, I wake up feeling 10x worse—and Joey’s left eye was swollen shut and leaking a nasty yellow discharge. WHAT. THE. HELL.

So, I called into work. I called our pediatrician and set up an appointment for the baby. I called my PCP and set up an appointment for myself. My husband called his PCP and made an appointment for himself. And so began the day of doctor appointments. The verdict for Joey was a bacterial infection in his eye; the verdict for my husband and I was a virus (no strep). My husband stayed home with us Monday.

Tuesday, Joey’s eye was already showing improvement, but I woke up feeling worse! Another sick day. Another sick night for my husband. We all stayed on the couch, coughing and sniffling. Meanwhile, Joey has gone from sleeping through the night almost every night to waking every two hours again like a newborn. Nighttime as we came to know it has gone to shit. We are both severely sleep-deprived. (And there’s actually more to this story, but I’ll get to that eventually. Maybe. Someday.) We were trying to get well, in spite of trying to care for our sickly, clingy, wakeful baby and dealing with our own sleep deprivation.

Wednesday, I continued to feel worse—and lost my nanny for the day, as she was leaving for Vegas on Saturday and didn’t want to risk getting sick (because duh). One of us had to return to work, so my husband went back in the afternoon. I cared for Joey on my own, feeling miserable and exhausted.

Thursday (my birthday), I returned to work while my husband watched Joey. I had a project I was responsible for that I wanted to wrap up myself, so I muddled through a short day and came home to watch Joey while my husband went to work once more for the week. Of course, I woke up still continuing to feel worse on Friday, but went into work anyway to finish what I had to do and then went home early.

I ended up back at the doctor yesterday, and they diagnosed me with “viral upper respiratory tract infection with bronchospasms” (fancy talk for “a really bad cough”). I have an albuterol inhaler for when it gets bad, and that’s about it. I’ve been cycling between ibuprofen and acetaminophen for the throat pain, and using lozenges for that as well, and that’s about it. Not much a breastfeeding mama can do when you’ve got this type of illness. Boo.

I took my Fitbit off last Sunday and haven’t put it back on since; I also haven’t been tracking what I’ve been eating. I barely went to work, I barely did anything blogging-related (for this or the Rainbows & Unicorns blog), I barely did anything around the house. Life basically stopped for the last week.

And, in general, this week was just really hard. How do people do this?! How do people manage with sick babies when they themselves are sick, too? I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed because I’ve never had to deal with it before, but jeez…it was just hard. I’m being honest.

I’m hoping normal life can resume tomorrow. I definitely will be back at work, of course. As will my husband. Joey’s eye is better, but he was extremely fussy this morning and has been dry coughing more than his usual “fake cough” that he likes to do for attention. I’m really hoping he doesn’t end up with what I have…

Anyway, just thought I would pop in and explain my absence. Hope to get back to regular programming this week. (Are you listening, universe?)

3 thoughts on “Parenting Challenge Unlocked

  1. There’s not much you can do when everyone is sick. You just make it work. Call in favors from everyone you know who might be willing to hold a crabby baby for a few hours so maybe you can sleep. Eat take out. Sleep in shifts- have the husband take the baby to the other side of the house or out for a car ride. 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep can be amazing and healing.

    Personally, I’d be demanding codeine cough syrup and not caring if any came through in breastmilk, because then everyone might get some sleep. But that’s just me 🙂

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  2. I second that. Just after our first international move when we were all crammed into a single hotel room, we all got hand foot mouth. It was absolutely awful. But it ended. I know it doesn’t sound like too much help right now but soon you’ll be up and running again x

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