First Thanksgiving: A Lesson

What I learned on my son’s 1st Turkey Day: even the most personable, least socially-anxious babies will freak out at holiday parties—especially those with a loud crowd, a small space, and a lot of strangers I do not need to hesitate when my baby cries because he’s scared of aforementioned situation—I will do what I… Continue reading First Thanksgiving: A Lesson



The Pumping Diaries, Vol. 1

For a sort of prequel to this post, please pop on over to the not-so-NEW-anymore COLLABORATIVE BLOG. I suggest reading that post first! [Side note: there are also a handful of other breastfeeding stories ranging from cultural differences to switching to formula to inducing lactation to the struggles of maintaining a supply as a working mom…a series that we, the… Continue reading The Pumping Diaries, Vol. 1