First Thanksgiving: A Lesson

What I learned on my son’s 1st Turkey Day:

  • even the most personable, least socially-anxious babies will freak out at holiday parties—especially those with a loud crowd, a small space, and a lot of strangers
  • I do not need to hesitate when my baby cries because he’s scared of aforementioned situation—I will do what I need to do to reassure him he’s okay!
  • trying to socialize with a baby who doesn’t want to leave your side is hard
  • trying to eat turkey dinner with a baby who doesn’t want to leave your side is also hard (note: you will not eat enough, and will need to eat a frozen pizza at home later)
  • sometimes, BLW is so hard until you get it right, and then everything clicks! (note: your baby loves turkey!)
  • sometimes, you finally feel like you’ve gotten somewhere with BLW only for it to backfire in your face (wait for it…)
  • if you’re solo-parenting for the majority of the holiday—not that you were planning on getting shattered anyway, but—less is better when it comes to alcohol (again, wait for it…)
  • hearing choking/gagging and running upstairs to find your baby face-down in a pool of vomit is really fucking scary
  • you packed two outfits for your baby—next time? pack three
  • also, pack yourself at least two for when your baby continues vomiting when you hoist him out of the p’n’p
  • dealing with a sick baby while properly buzzed is unfun, but short-lived (when your baby vomits a second time all over you in the sweatshirt you just borrowed from your bother, you sober up pretty quick)
  • grandparents who escort you and baby home (one in the backseat with baby, one following in a car behind) are the best
  • after hours nurse lines are awesome (because now your baby has vomited a third time and you’re alone and pretty nervous)
  • husbands who stop for Pedialyte on the way home from work at midnight are also awesome
  • 3AM is a late goddamn bedtime
  • it may not have been your primary sleeping choice, but when you choose it, cosleeping is so fucking convenient and right for you and your family
  • long weekends are really long with a sick baby
  • Mondays look even worse after a long long weekend with a sick baby
  • expectations are a foolish thing to have as a parent—embrace the moment, because babies don’t do well with the planning, and
  • finally, above all else… my baby looks damn cute with a turkey on his butt!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday with their friends and families!

First Thanksgiving outfit!! ©Motherhood & Everything Else.
Why, yes, that’s a turkey on his butt. BECAUSE CUTE. ©Motherhood & Everything Else.
Silly smug grin. ©Motherhood & Everything Else.
HE WAS SO HAPPY IN THE BEGINNING! Oh well. I’m glad I snapped these photos before we left for the festivities! ©Motherhood & Everything Else.



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