#ThankfulFor 30-Day Challenge

For the month of November, I did (another) photo challenge on Instagram. [To check out the challenge I did in September for #snapshotsforsanity, go here! Also, for anyone who read that post immediately after I published it, you’ll realize something: the photos below are the same that were in the other post. I posted the wrong photos last time because I’m dumb (and sleep-deprived, but also dumb). Please go check out the correct photos in the other post if you haven’t already! 🙂 ]

I’ve had things to be grateful for every year of my life, of course, but I think 2015 has to top the charts. My son, my husband, my house, my family, my job—just to touch on the big ones! I saw this challenge while searching for a photo-a-day that interested me and thought it was perfect.

I must say, I am really proud of a good amount of these photos! I’m notorious for petering out on photo challenges, and also for taking really shitty photos just to meet the requirement for the day (which you’ll see below), but I stuck with this one. Some photos I am merely satisfied with, and a few (in particular, Days 7, 15, 24, and 25) I’m just like…yeah, I was lazy, I know. Hah!

Anyway, enjoy! And Happy December! The new year is just around the corner…

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