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ipsy Glam Bag Update

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Let me tell you a story of high expectations, makeup, and failure.

Once upon a time, I signed up for ipsy Glam Bags. I received my first bag in January of this year, and promptly posted a reveal of the products within.

Then I had my baby. And the review of the products didn’t come until June. Whoops.

And then I lazily posted a reveal of my February bag…in July.

Now, the review for that bag sits about 90% completed in my drafts folder.


Given that it is now DECEMBER, and I have continued to receive a Glam Bag for every month in 2015 (yes, that’s right, I now have 12 of these things), I’m left wondering—what do I do? Can I just review them anyway in 2016? I mean, makeup is makeup. If the maker of one of the products somehow goes out of business between the time I received their stuff and the time I post the review, I’ll make a note of it. That’s the only problem I can forsee happening. Especially if I post, say, my February 2015 review in February of 2016, if there’s any “seasonality” to the makeup itself, it should hold up. Right?

Thoughts? Anyone?

I doubt y’all even care, huh? 🙂

Well, whatever. For anyone who might care, here’s what I’ll do: the second week of every month, I’ll post the review for that month last year—starting with February. The fourth (last) week of every month, I’ll post the review for that current month. Since I’ve already tested so many of the products from this year, this gives me a good couple of months to write up reviews for the 2015 products and free myself up for 2016. Sound good?


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