Snowpocalypse 2016

©Motherhood & Everything Else

Okay, yes, I realize I might be jumping the gun a bit. This past Friday and today have been the first and second “real” snowstorms Massachusetts has had this season (whereas I think we were on our third storm by this time last year, during Snowpocalypse 2015, as documented by me here and here). But still, you have to wonder…if this is the beginning…

Nonetheless, despite a random 24-hour stomach bug (bad food? day-long stomach flu? who knows?), I was able to get out in the snow with my baby this weekend. Yes, indeed, it was a baby’s first! Many firsts, in fact. First snowstorm, first time playing out in the snow, first time in his super adorable snowsuit. ūüôā Of course, it was short-lived, because you don’t keep babies out in the cold for too long! But it was long enough for me to snap some amazing photos, and long enough for Joey to warm up to the idea of this cold stuff outside!

Anyway, check out the collage below. Enjoy! ‚̧


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