ipsy Glam Bag

ipsy January 2016 Glam Bag: Review

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[Note: I will not be using the pink background next time. That was a bad choice. Gonna stick with my white tablecloth. 😉 ]

ipsy January 2016 Glam Bag

©Motherhood & Everything Else

Product: Burt’s Bees Cleansing Oil, 1oz bottle
Retail Value: $15.99 for a 6oz bottle (Target)
First Impression: I have used BB in the past (one of their chapsticks), so I was interested in trying this stuff out. I’m looking for a skin cleanser that isn’t too harsh on my skin. Wasn’t sure if this will take care of acne/blemishes, though…
Overall Impression: So I like this. The scent isn’t bad, it seems really gentle on my skin, and it didn’t cause my face to flush red or break out like some products do. I need to use it more than once in a while (I’m horrible with routine post-baby) but I like it so far!
Review: ★★★★☆

Would I Buy It? For the first time, I think I can confidently say yes. Target sells it! I am on board! This is a total and complete WIN!

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Product: theBalm Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliner Pencil, Scott B. Bordeaux, .01oz pencil
Retail Value: $17.00 for a 3oz pencil (Amazon)
First Impression: Not my typical color, but intriguing!
Overall Impression: So…it’s sort of a purple-brown color (per Wikipedia, you might even call it puce, but that just sounds…icky) which is new for me. It goes on nice and smooth, which I like, and doesn’t require a lot of force (which I’ve run into a few times with cheap eyeliners). I wore it with a dark purple shirt and I thought it worked quite well!
Review: ★★★★☆

Would I Buy It? I don’t think so…because it’s almost $20, and that’s a lot! But I like it! I might consider it as a contender if I ever decide to seriously get into wearing good makeup. (You know, when I’m not house/baby poor. Hah!)

©Motherhood & Everything Else

Product: pixi by petra, Lavender Bloom, .03oz palette
Retail Value: $12.00, Mesmerizing Mineral Palette (Pixi Beauty and Target)
Overall Impression: Okay, so a few things. I used the brush down below to apply the right side, dry, at work one day. The shadow got kind of crumbly as I got some on the brush but, okay, no big. The color was subtle, metallic, and really looked good with my skin tone. I love eye shadow that isn’t too “pow” for work days, but that is noticeable, and this would definitely fall under that category!
Review: ★★★★★

Would I Buy It? ANOTHER WIN. I’m making a note of this, because they sell it at Target and I can save 5%, because I really enjoy the colors. I’ve got a lot of eye shadow to use up, but when I do, I’m coming for this one!

©Motherhood & Everything Else

Product: hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub, .17oz jar
Retail Value: $20.00 for a .77oz jar (hanalei)
First Impression: Yay, a lip balm! With sugar? Cool! (I soon figured out this is not an average lip balm…)
Overall Impression: The directions tell you to rub it into your lips and then wipe it away with a tissue. What?! I was so confused…until I used it, and I understood. It’s grainy, so it exfoliates your lips—that’s why you wipe. Very interesting. It smells amazing. (And, don’t try this at home, but I stuck my tongue out and tasted it just a touch. It doesn’t taste too bad, either.) My lips hurt a little initially (but maybe that was me being too aggressive with the scrubbing)…but the next day after the first try, my lips felt softer. It was a nice relief after weeks of chapped lips from the wintertime!
Review: ★★★★★
Would I Buy It? Actually…maybe. I really liked how this made my lips feel!

©Motherhood & Everything Else

Product: Skone Smudger Brush
Retail Value: $15.00 (Skone Cosmetics)
First Impression: Yay, another brush! (If you remember from last year’s January post—which I doubt—I don’t own nice makeup brushes. I just buy the multipacks from Wet&Wild or NYC…so…these make me feel all fancy…)
Overall Impression: So, um, totally didn’t see the “smudger” part. Oops. But the blurb online says it’s for a lot of different things, so whatever. I first used it to apply the purple side of the eye shadow above. It’s soft, which is nice. It’s small, therefore precise, so that’s also nice. After using it to apply the eye shadow and then seeing it was a smudger, I tried blending the two colors from the eye shadow. It ___________
Review: ★★★★☆

Would I Buy It? Probably not, but only because of money? However, if I had money to spare, I would consider it.

ipsy Glam Bag Price: $10.00
ipsy Glam Bag Product Value (including full sizes): $79.99

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