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Goddamnit all, I’ve done it again. *leafs through blog entries in Posts folder* Ah, yes. Early March was the last time I blogged. Early…frickin’…March. *sigh*

*more sighing*

*dramatic sighs*

Well “sigh” doesn’t even look like a real word anymore…

Okay, sorry, hello. No, I haven’t died and yes, I am still blogging. I mean, I haven’t been. But I will. I am. Now. I’m sorry for disappearing. And no, I haven’t really been reading your blogs, either. So for that, I also apologize.

It’s been…some months. I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal shit, and I sort of hit max capacity on mental and emotional energy, so I had to drop a lot of things from my priority list—and one of them was blogging. I needed a break. I needed less responsibility. I needed less stress. I needed less “I need to be doing this but I don’t have time right now so I guess I won’t sleep tonight or eat dinner or read a book or do anything at all that is relaxing and for me.” Even though writing falls under the category of a need/want, because I enjoy it. There were still other things, other people, that needed my time and my attention and my energy.

Alas, here we are. It’s almost June. Almost summer. The sun is out later and later. The weather is perking up. I just had a vacation with my entire immediate family and, even though the weather was something to be desired, I appreciated the opportunity to shut down everything and just fucking relax. I might’ve shut down a bit too hard, since my anxiety pretty much exploded volcano-style the second we came home, but whatever.

So, this is my comeback post. The…what, I don’t know, 50th one I’ve written? Does anybody still care about me and my writing? Did anyone even notice I had dropped off the face of the earth? Am I just doing this for me?

Serious thoughts, people. Serious. 🙂

I’ve got a post about Joey scheduled to go up next week, a little comparison between him as a newborn and him as a toddler. Something I started soon after he turned one three months ago. So you’ve got that to look forward to, anyway.

I’ve got other posts brewing. I always do. The task is always putting them into words. Derp-a-derp.

So, hello again! Let’s have another shot at this, shall we? Take 51!

(I’ll leave you with some awesome photos of my family from vacation. ❤ )


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