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16,283 Ounces—Give or Take a Few Hundred

That’s the minimum amount of ounces I’ve pumped for my son since he was born. I would have an exact number, except my phone shit the bed a few weeks ago and Apple had to wipe it clean. If I had been on my game, I would’ve posted an entry on my exclusive pumping journey… Continue reading 16,283 Ounces—Give or Take a Few Hundred


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Rainbows & Unicorns: We Are Not Superheroes…

Sometime during the fall of last year, I read something that really upset me. I was in the middle of some struggle—teething, or bad anxiety, or feeling like I’d messed something up or something wasn’t going right, just…something. As I often do in times of high emotion, I opened a new post screen and wrote out a… Continue reading Rainbows & Unicorns: We Are Not Superheroes…

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Although It’s Been Said, Many Times, Many Ways…

(This is the second half of my post about Joey’s first Christmas. It ran a little long, so I broke it up into two separate posts. Read the first part here! Again, apologies for length. And for the abundance of photos. Also, sorry for the lateness. This was supposed to be done a week ago. But… Continue reading Although It’s Been Said, Many Times, Many Ways…

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Where Are You, Christmas?

I’ll start this off by saying my son’s first Christmas was lovely, magical, emotional, stressful, silly, rushed, exciting, overwhelming, exhausting, fulfilling, and perfect in all its imperfection. I meant to write this post before Christmas, but ran out of time and energy. I’m glad I waited until after the holiday because now I have a different perspective.… Continue reading Where Are You, Christmas?


The Pumping Diaries, Vol. 1

For a sort of prequel to this post, please pop on over to the not-so-NEW-anymore COLLABORATIVE BLOG. I suggest reading that post first! [Side note: there are also a handful of other breastfeeding stories ranging from cultural differences to switching to formula to inducing lactation to the struggles of maintaining a supply as a working mom…a series that we, the… Continue reading The Pumping Diaries, Vol. 1