#ThankfulFor 30-Day Challenge

For the month of November, I did (another) photo challenge on Instagram. [To check out the challenge I did in September for #snapshotsforsanity, go here! Also, for anyone who read that post immediately after I published it, you’ll realize something: the photos below are the same that were in the other post. I posted the… Continue reading #ThankfulFor 30-Day Challenge



Snowpocalypse 2015—Part II

WARNING: I am going to bitch and moan about the weather in Massachusetts. If you’ve heard enough or don’t care, skip this post! 🙂 Three weeks. Six feet of snowfall total. Snowbanks and drifts towering over ten feet. Multi-lane roads cut down to single lanes. Visibility of oncoming traffic on highways nonexistent. No time or appropriate weather… Continue reading Snowpocalypse 2015—Part II