Year in Review

Round Two: “My Year in Review”

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Check it out! Another “Year in Review”…the second for this blog. You know what that means, right? I’ve blogged for a whole year on the same blog! Okay, so, maybe I took a hiatus after the birth of my son for a few months there…but, still, I’ve tried hard to get back… Continue reading Round Two: “My Year in Review”


Weight Loss

“Weight Loss Wednesday”: Week 3 Check-In

…or not! This lady was a little lazy with tracking her food over the weekend…between a bridal shower on Saturday and a 1st birthday party Sunday, combined with feeling sickly Monday… And then I accidentally slammed my wrist in the refrigerator door Saturday morning and have had an unreliable Fitbit ever since… So…yeah. No update this week.… Continue reading “Weight Loss Wednesday”: Week 3 Check-In

Weight Loss

That One Time I Had a Meltdown About Postpartum Weight Loss

Hey, so…remember when I said I was going to do Weight Watchers? Yeah…that’s not happening anymore. Now don’t all freak out at once! The weight loss challenge is very much on. Weight Watchers, though it has worked for me in the past, is just not what I need right now. The week started out horribly.… Continue reading That One Time I Had a Meltdown About Postpartum Weight Loss