Joseph Matthew—Then & Now

For his entire first year, I never did any baby updates…I had wanted to, but never found the time. Well now he’s over a year old! I figured a look at how far he’s come in twelve months would be cool, until I struggled to remember what he was doing at only four weeks old. Oh well. By the time I realized how stupid it was, I was already half-done with it. So just…go read it already. Okay? 🙂 ❤

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Then, at four weeks old; now(ish)*, at one year old. ©Motherhood & Everything Else


Then: 10 lbs, 6 oz (at birth)
Now: 22 lbs, 6 oz (at 13 months)


Then: 21 in (at birth)
Now: 29¾ in (at 13 months)


Likes… cuddles, being held/worn, sleeping and napping on or between Mama and/or Daddy, eating, baths (Blooming Bath), his pacifier, diaper changes, babbling
Dislikes… loud noises, being burped, sleeping in the lounger
Likes… yelling, dancing, “running,” chasing animals and people, being chased by animals and people, singing, eating, laughing, making other people laugh, reading books, playing with his toys, music, baths (transitional ducky bath), napping and sleeping in his pack’n’play, peek-a-boo, kissing himself in the mirror, taking things in and out of places, riding on Daddy’s shoulders, being tickled, putting his feet in his mouth, eating everything (including dirt, leaves, sand, etc.)
Dislikes… diaper changes, being told he cannot touch or do something or go somewhere (hello tantrums), having his face and hands/arms washed off after a meal


Then: breastmilk 24/7
Now: water, applesauce, all different kinds of cheese, chicken, ground beef, macaroni and cheese, plain pasta, fruit (bananas, clementines/oranges, kiwis, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, pineapple, the list goes on…), fruit/veggie purées in a pouch, tortellini/ravioli, avocado, peas, green beans, mashed potatoes, squash, animal crackers, Cheerios, cereal puffs, yogurt melts, and so on…and also still breastmilk
Allergies/Intolerances: no allergies so far, but possibly an intolerance to tomatoes?!


Then: waking every 2-3 hours, feeding and a diaper change
Now: after a year (and then some) of an inconsistent schedule (somehow I’m still alive), finally…bedtime is between 7:00-8:00PM, with one wakeup between 10:00PM-midnight, and STTN until at least 6:00AM if not closer to 7:00AM (but I’m not going to get comfortable, because even this has only been over the last month or so—and the night after the day I wrote this part, he woke up twice after midnight, GAH)

Health & Development

Health… nothing, not even a cold!
Development… holding head up pretty well, smiling in his sleep
Health… more head/chest colds and viruses than I can count, a bacterial eye infection, a stomach bug over Thanksgiving, roseola (high fever/rash) shortly after his birthday
Development… walking, and pretty much running; thinking hard about climbing—but not there yet; little bit of talking [mama; dada; “hah” / “ahh” (hi); no; “ah-da” (Rhonda, his nanny’s name); “khh-tnn” (kitty—he’s saying it mostly in the back of his throat with his jaw shut…hence the no vowels, because it’s not like he’s really opening his mouth completely)], a little bit of signing (he knows “milk” and “more”), and a good amount of other communicative gestures (thumbs-up for “cool dude”; hands on the head for “oh no”; high five; tucking his hands under his chin and smiling/cooing when asked if he loves something/someone, asked to “give loves” to something/someone, or told he is loved; smacking his lips when he’s asked if he’s hungry or wants “nom noms”; putting his arms up if he wants to be picked up); still using a bottle for milk (which he self-feeds about 95% of the time now) but drinking water consistently out of a sippy cup; eating with his hands and from a spoon, from the tray table and (provided on vacation) from a suction-type bowl (I clearly need to buy my own)

Random “Now” Stuff

  • He is currently at 7 teeth and counting! Held out at 6 for the longest time (four middle up top, two middle on bottom), and at 14 months sprouted another on the bottom. Which means now his mouth is not even anymore. Lopsided!
  • He has a head full of hair! I mean…mostly. After being born with dark brown hair all over and losing it completely and in weird patterns, he’s finally got thin, somewhat strawberry-blonde and somewhat light brown locks pretty much covering his entire head. Still a long ways away from a haircut, though.
  • He has the big ears, smiling eyes, and goofy grin of his father and the squished nose, big butt, and wide (“block”) feet of his mother.
  • Not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here, but, after months of me suspecting it, the pediatrician confirmed that he has night terrors. 😦 They have mildly improved, though, since he turned one (which is weird since they are rare before the age of one!) and I hope it continues…
  • After delaying solids due to my own anxiety, and then running into problems with BLW due to a shit high chair and his under-readiness, and then running into problems with purées because he didn’t like them, he is doing so well with food. He’s chewing and swallowing fine, and even taking food out of his mouth to protect against choking when he inevitably gets too excited and stuffs 3-5 pieces of food in there! His range of interest in food is crazy. I still feel like he’s a few ticks behind other kids, but I’m less worried about it than I was.

* Post initially drafted shortly after his first birthday, but not finished until two months later…fail!

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