Annual Report 2015

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Across-the-Board Totals

Number of Posts (after the 31st): 44 43 (Christmas post pushed back)

Number of Views: ~2,700

Number of Visitors: ~1,500

Number of Likes: ~250

All the Bests

Best Posting Day: Thursdays | 10 posts

Best Streak: June 23–June 25 | 3 days

Best Month: January | 8 posts

“Top 5” of the What, Who, Where & How

Top 5 Posts (The “What”):
  1. Joseph Matthew’s (Long Awaited) Birth Story—Part 1
  2. Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks
  3. Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks
  4. He’s Here!
  5. Regaining My Footing, Part I
Top 5 Commenters (The “Who”):
  1. Hound Mamas
  2. Making a Baby V
  3. Journey For My Baby
  4. expecting to be expecting
  5. The Second Bedroom (password-protected)
Top 5 Countries (The “Where”):
  1. US
  2. Canada
  3. UK
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
Top 5 Referrers (The “How”):
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. WordPress Reader
  4. When Dreams Become Rainbows
  5. Bloglovin’

Wahoo! 🙂

Just to wrap this up: huge thanks to all my WP followers, Twitter followers, Facebook “likers,” and so on for visiting my blog this year. I know that just shy of 45 posts isn’t a lot, but I hope to post with more frequency (and more quality) next year. The hugest of thanks to the top five commenters, listed and linked above, for showing me love. I know from personal experience it can be a lot to make the effort and comment, especially when you’re dealing with babies, and I appreciate you making me feel loved. ❤

And based on these stats…I feel like I made a good step in creating a Facebook page recently (linked above) and I will continue to try and make better use of the blog Twitter (also linked above).

I find it funny that my top posts all have to do with baby Joey…I had blatantly pointed out that I wasn’t going to turn this into a parenting blog, but I feel like the posts on my pregnancy and motherhood have garnered the most attention—with the others on the makeup and weight loss and all the rest of that hooplah garnering the least. That’s not to say I won’t blog about the latter (I know I have one person looking forward to my ipsy reviews!), but maybe I’ll blog more about parenting than I have been? Thoughts? Opinions? Complaints?

Stay tuned for a post on Christmas before the clock strikes New Year! On January 1st, I have my Year in Review for 2015 scheduled to publish.

Let’s go, 2016! Happy New Year, everyone! Mwah! ❤


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